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What Is an O Ring?

An O ring is one of the oldest rubber parts, with its patent being registered in 1896. Yet, this rubber part is still very popular and you will find that it’s widely used today. This is mainly because the O rings are very affordable while being effective at the same time.

The O rings are also called packing or toric joint because it is in the shape of a torus. In reality, it is a loop of rubber with a round cross-section, designed to seal two working surfaces. The O ring can be used in both static and dynamic systems, making it very convenient and versatile.

The O-rings are mainly used as a seal for liquids or gas. In more detail, the O ring oil seal consists of the rubber part and the O ring groove. This groove is usually cut into metal to support the O ring and keep it in place. In dynamic systems, the O rings are subject to friction against the groove.

Today, O rings are the most commonly used mechanical seal. Its many advantages include:

  • It is a cost-effective option.
  • It is ideal for a wide range of temperature and pressure levels.
  • It is light-weight and requires little to no space.
  • It is reusable because it is very flexible and versatile.
  • It has no critical torque on tightening. This means that it
  • cannot cause any structural damage.
  • It can easily be monitored whether it is still working or not. This way, you can easily predict when it’s going to fail and replace it on time.


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The Most Common Applications of the O Ring

As you may have already understood, the O ring is only used for its sealing properties. However, this mechanical seal has found many applications in various industries. For example, O rings are ideal for high-temperature sealing, for vacuum sealing, and for high-pressure sealing. Therefore, it is widely used in the following industries:

Oil, Gas, and Manufacturing: In these industries, the O ring needs to withstand high temperatures, chemicals, and high compression. You can find it on gas pumps, valves, dispensers, and even on storage tanks.
Transportation: Automotive, aerospace, and aircraft require sealing that can withstand high temperatures and fierce environmental conditions, as well as parts that can deal with the vibrations.
Electronics: The O rings have also many applications in electronics. However, for these applications, it needs to protect the machine from the dust.
Food and Beverages: The O-rings are also placed in the food processing, water filtration, and beverage dispensing. The material for this application needs to be declared food safe.
Medical: The medical industry uses the o ring on syringes, pumps, filtration, and various connectors.

Its Usage Method

When you are using an O ring, you will need to replace it at some point. To do that, you will first have to consider the pressure that the O ring can take. The maximum amount of pressure that an O ring can seal has been tested to be up to 5,000 psi.

Then, you will need to determine the ideal size that suits your needs. To do, the first thing you must do is to measure its cross-section. After this step, you can use a vernier caliper to measure the inside diameter. These two measurements, i.e. the inside diameter and the cross-section, will give you the size of O ring that you need to purchase. If you aren’t sure about them, you can always get a size smaller as this part can be stretched.

The replacement of the O ring is easy as all you have to do is remove the previous one and slip in the new one.

Different Sizes of the O Rings And O Rings Materials

There are O rings of many different metric and inch sizes. However, the most common standard inch sizes have been specified by the Society of Automotive Engineers’ Aerospace Standard 568. The SAE AS568 specifies the inside diameter, cross-section, tolerance, and size identification code for every O rings.

Depending on its use, the O ring is manufactured by different materials. Thus, you can find this rubber part from the following materials:

  • For high-temperature sealing: nitrile, butyl, ethylene-propylene, polyacrylate, chloroprene, fluorosilicone, and fluorocarbon.
  • For use in the medical and food industries: silicone, EPDM, fluorocarbon, nitrile, and neoprene.
  • For aerospace and aircraft: nitrile, fluorosilicone, and ethylene-propylene.

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Need any quotation?
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ETOL can recommend the most suitable products for you according to your requirements. We ensure the consistent quality, best price, and on-time delivery. Contact us for more information!