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What is a Rubber Mountings and Vibration Isolators

A rubber isolation mounts and vibration isolators are widely used, even though they are not visible. These parts are usually placed within machinery and vehicles to help them work properly and absorb the vibrations produced when they are working. For this reason, vibration isolators are essential parts of our everyday lives.

A rubber mountings and vibration isolators are small parts from natural or synthetic elastomers. They are mainly used as an anti-vibration measure, as they can absorb the noise and shock produced by moving parts. These can potentially be harmful to various machines used in manufacturing. In some cases, you can also place anti vibration mount to devices that you use every day, appliances that are threatened by vibration.

A rubber isolation mount and vibration isolators, in essence, work in the same way. The main difference is that a rubber vibration damper offers noise protection from the three axes.

A rubber mount and isolation mounts have many advantages, and for these, they have managed to gain such a key role. In more detail, their benefits are the following:

  • They protect the machinery: during their operation, every machinery produces vibrations that apply shock, noise, and tension to the various parts within the engine. Therefore, a rubber shock mounting is placed between these parts to keep them from coming in contact and absorb these vibrations. If the need for absorption is greater due to the harshness of tension, then manufacturers can use vibration isolators from various elastomers.
  • They said the smoother handling of the engines: A machine without vibrations isolators can also become difficult to handle. The vibrations often are strong, thus making the engine potentially dangerous. A rubber mount, though, reduces this effect and helps workers handle the machinery.
  • They make each process steady: A rubber mount isn’t only applied to heavy machinery. In fact, this part can also be used in laboratories and nanotechnology, both applications that need delicate movements. In these industries, even the smallest vibration can cause harm to the end-result. For this reason, vibration isolators are placed to reduce this risk.
  • They are manufactured in many shapes and types: One of the biggest advantages that elastomers have is that they can be shaped to fit the users’ needs. Due to this fact, you will find vibration isolators of various types that can be used in multiple types of machinery. This flexibility and adaptability make a rubber mount the ideal part for customization.
  • They reduce the need for lubrication: Vibration isolators are favored by manufacturers because they extend the lifespan of machinery. By protecting the engine, the need for frequent maintenance is reduced. Moreover, the parts no longer need to be often lubricated, as a rubber isolation mount can absorb the tension from friction.
  • They can be easily applied and replaced: Another great advantage that a rubber mount has is that it can be applied and replaced in a matter of minutes. The process is easy, thus reducing the amount of time that the engine is out of order.


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The Applications of Vibration Isolators

Anti-vibration is very important in various steps of the manufacturing process. For this reason, a rubber mount and vibration isolators have multiple applications. Below, you will find the most significant applications that these parts have:

  • On vehicles: A rubber shock mountings is an essential part of a vehicle. Every car usually has three or four mounts that hold the transmission and engine in place. The rubber vibration damper holding the transmission is called transmission mount and the rest are called engine mounts. Moreover, these mounts reduce the vibration of the engine, making riding in a car comfortable.
  • On machinery: On machines, vibration isolators can be placed both internally and externally. When they prevent the shock transmitted outwards, they are called active vibration isolators. On the other hand, when they protect from the noise transmitted inwards, they are called passive vibration isolators. Some of their more prominent uses are in heavy machinery, ventilation equipment, power generators, and heating systems.
  • On audiovisual equipment: When recording audio, it is important to reduce unwanted sounds to a minimum. This can be easily achieved with the use of a rubber mount in speaker, microphones, and mixing consoles. Often, a rubber mounting can be used as a separator between speakers and consoles that are place on top of each other.
  • In laboratories: Another place where vibrations can cause harm is during laboratory testing. Even the smallest deviation can influence the results, thus making testing unreliable. For this reason, isolation mounts are placed in any piece of equipment that can potentially damage the experiment.
  • On home appliances: Moreover, a rubber mount has found many applications within the house. Appliances that create motion are often difficult to handle and can get easily damaged. For this reason, these parts are often used as feet to keep them steady.
  • On furniture: Apart from home appliances, many pieces of furniture also use rubber isolator feet as feet. This way, they protect the floor from scratches.

What is the Usage Method of a Rubber Mount

Vibration isolators are used excessively when a machine is working. For this reason, they need replacing every once in a while. However, before you choose any rubber mounts, you need to keep in mind some specifications. Below, you will find the most important factors that you need to consider before purchasing some vibration isolators:

  • The weight and center of gravity of your equipment: The first thing that you need to consider is the piece of equipment that you will apply the vibration isolator. Its weight and size will affect the shape and size of the part you are going to purchase. Moreover, the center of gravity of the machinery is important as it will affect the position of your isolator.
  • The type of disturbance that you need to isolate: Another crucial factor that determines the type of anti-vibration mounts you need is the type of disturbance you will face. Every machine creates different vibrations and so the specifications may vary. In any case, these disturbances will help you choose the right elastomer for your rubber mount.
  • The system response: Moreover, you shouldn’t neglect to check the system response of your equipment. The vibration isolators you will pick must conform to the fragility of the machine. These specifications will include the maximum movement allowed in the machine, as well as the maximum vibration it can take to work perfectly.
  • The environmental conditions: Apart from the machine that the rubber mount will be placed, you also need to take into consideration the environmental conditions. First of all, you need to determine the temperature levels within the machine. Then you have to check other environmental effects, like humidity, ozone, chemicals, oils, etc. After this research, you will be able to find the most durable rubber mount.
  • The lifespan of the isolator: Lastly, you need to consider the lifespan of the rubber mountings you will purchase. This is influences by the workload that the part has. We are committed to providing a variety of high-quality rubber shock mount to meet your needs, and we can also customize various special-shaped rubber shock mount according to your drawings or samples. Welcome to contact us.

Various Shapes and Types of Vibration Isolators

Due to the many applications of the rubber isolation mount, cylindrical vibration isolator mounts are the most common type. You will find various types available in our size chart. In more detail, the most common types of vibration isolators are the following:

  • Rubber mounting pad: These pads come in large pieces that you can place on the floor to absorb the vibrations of the machine and reduce the noise. Moreover, you can also find anti-vibration pads with metal covers that protect the elastomer from UV exposure.
  • HVAC Mounts: Mounts for heat, ventilation, and air conditions are ideal to reduce the noise that comes from these appliances. You can find this type of mount in many sizes to find the one that fits your system.
  • Rubber Hanger Mounts: This rubber mount is placed in ceilings or pipes. You can also find them as acoustic isolation hangers as they prevent airborne noise.
  • Rubber Buffer: This type of rubber isolation mount is widely used in mechanical engineering and assembly construction. They are excellent at absorbing kinetic energy from aggregates.
  • Cone Mounts: This type of mount can handle a high-load and weight. It protects all of the three planes and it is widely used in vehicles.
  • Engine Mounts: These mounts are placed in the car to hold the engine in place and reduce the vibration. They are very important to the good working condition of the car, and for this, they need to be replaced when needed.

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