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What is a Rubber Seal and a Rubber Strip

A rubber seal and a Rubber Strip are important parts that have found many applications in our everyday lives, engineering, and manufacturing. A rubber beading is a small part made from natural or synthetic rubber used to prevent the leakage of gas and liquid. Moreover, it is often placed between two parts to act as a barrier between the different chemicals or metals. A rubber seal is very effective because they close the space that is created between the moving and the steady parts of a machine. In addition to this, the device is also used to protect the machine from the environmental elements, such as temperature, humidity, and ozone. For all of these, a rubber sealing can be used in every device.

A rubber seal, due to its many applications, comes in many variations. Namely, in the market, you will find it as a rubber beading and rubber gasket. You can find self-adhesive Rubber Strip, depending on where you want to place it, you might find that the adhesive-backed strip is very useful as it remains in its place, no matter the conditions. Furthermore, you can find a solid Rubber Strip or foam Rubber Strip to ensure that you have the right one for the application that you need.

Let’s see, in more detail, the many advantages of these rubber parts. Indicatively, they:

  • Protect the piece of machinery: The first and most important benefit of a rubber seal and a Rubber Strip is that it protects the piece of machinery, appliance, or furniture that is attached to. There are many corrosion factors in the atmosphere that, in the long term, can cause irreversible damage. These factors might be humidity, ozone, or constant changes in temperatures.
  • Ensure the appliance’s proper operation: Another benefit that you gain from the use of a rubber beading is that it aids the proper operation of the appliance. The Rubber Strip fits perfectly on the machine, not allowing any gas or liquid to come out.
  • Protect humans: It is the truth that many machines use chemicals that can potentially prove harmful to humans. A rubber sealing keeps these substances away, they protecting the appliance’s user.
  • Withstand harsh environmental conditions: Rubber is a material that can withstand extreme temperatures, high UV, and ozone levels. Moreover, it can come in contact with oils and various chemicals, without affecting its properties. For this reason, a Rubber Strip can be applied to home appliances and heavy manufacturing.
  • Have a long shelf life: Another added benefit of the rubber is that it has a long shelf life. This means that you can purchase a Rubber Strip in bulk and keep it in storage for a long time.However, keep in mind that you should always keep your rubber material away from a light and ozone source. In addition to this, make sure that your storage has a humidity level below 75% and the average temperature doesn’t exceed 38℃. Another factor that influences the shelf life of a rubber seal is its material. Namely, natural rubber and SBR are unaffected for 3-5 years, while Neoprene, EDPM, and Nitrile last for 5-10, and silicone is unaffected for 20 years.
  • Can be used with many different materials: Rubber is a versatile material that can be combined with many different metals and chemicals. For this reason, you can find a rubber seal fit for any application you might need it.
  • Possess a long-lasting effect: Apart from long shelf life, rubber is also favored because it maintains its integrity for a long time. Even though it will eventually need replacing, it is a very cost-effective option


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The Applications of Rubber seal Strips

A Rubber Strip is a part used in more applications than those you can imagine. In fact, it is an integral part of all the appliances that you use daily. Below, we will take a look at the most prominent applications of a rubber seal.

  • In home appliances: many home appliances use some type of rubber seal because it is compatible with food, resistant to high and low temperatures, and possesses electrical insulation. Some of its most common applications can be found in the majority of the appliances found in the kitchen. In more detail, the fridge and freezer’s proper operation depends on a Rubber Strip as it prevents heat from entering the device and spoiling the food. Other places that you can find Rubber Strips are the washing machine door and at the bottom of the garage door.
  • In automotive: You can find a different type of rubber seal in cars, aircrafts, and other automobiles. These parts are used to seal the doors of the vehicle, as well as inside the engine. For this reason, a Rubber Strip must be heat and electrical conductor and have mechanical and chemical resistance.
  • In engines: Within engines, the rubber seals are present to ensure that the oils and chemicals don’t leak out of the tubes, thus causing damage to the machine. Moreover, they are placed between the different parts of the engine to prevent them from coming in contact.
  • In plumbing: A waterproof seals can offer the best waterproof solution. For this reason, they are most commonly used around taps. Moreover, plumbers usually apply a Rubber Strip around the bathtub and other places in the bathroom to prevent mold from forming.
  • In heating: Every heating system consists of a complex system of pipework. Just like in the plumbing application, a Rubber Strip is used to seal the pipes and prevent leakage. Furthermore, they are also placed so that the pipes don’t touch one another.

Available Shapes and Types of Rubber Seals

In the market, you can find many shapes and types of rubber beading and Rubber Strips. In more detail, the most common types of rubber sealing are the following:

  • O ring seals: this type offers the most secure sealing possible. The o rings are placed in grooves that keep gases and liquids contained.
  • U ring seals: this seal is ideal for placing on a rod or a piston. They are widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, and presses. This type of rubber seal is resistant to abrasion, friction, and wear.
  • V ring seals: this type of rubber seal is mounted on a shaft. They are most often used to provide protection against dry and wet contamination.
  • Rotary oil seals: this type of seal is placed between rotating and non-rotating parts in an engine. Its aim is the exclude dirt, water, and dust from entering the machine.
  • Spring installed seals: in heavy manufacturing machinery the conditions are harsh and for this, they need extreme sealing. Spring installed seals provide this much-needed protection.
  • Bulb seals: this type of rubber seal is shaped just like a teardrop, with a rounded end or a flat one. It is mainly used to support compression.
  • Bulb trim seals: in this seal, you will find a bulb and a trim section, both made from different materials. This type of rubber seal can provide heat, ozone, sunlight, and temperature resistance.
  • Door seals: this specific type is used to fill the gaps between doors in automobiles and the house. The majority of this type of seal is rectangular.
  • Accordion seals: this type of rubber seal is shaped like an accordion, with a lot of folds. Because of its elasticity, you can find it within the engines of vehicles.

Material Classification Used for Rubber Strips

The material used for the manufacturing of the Rubber Strip is very important as it influences its overall properties. The materials used for the production of these parts are the following:

  • Neoprene rubber: Also called chloroprene rubber, this material is very strong and flexible and it is favored in applications that require great chemical resistance. Furthermore, it has an exceptionally high resistance to ozone and weather conditions.
  • EPDM rubber: EPDM is an excellent material for a rubber seal as it is long-lasting and can retain its flexibility even in love temperatures. Moreover, it resists any weather conditions and can withstand a great range of temperatures.
  • Nitrile rubber: Nitrile, or NBR, is a material that many manufacturers use for its excellent oil resistance. A rubber seal from this material is usually placed within the engine of a vehicle.
  • Viton rubber: This rubber is another material excellent at resisting high temperatures. In addition to this, it also withstands ozone, UV, and extreme weather conditions. Because of this, it has found many applications in aerospace sealing.
  • Silicone rubber: This material is exceptionally resistant to high temperatures. Moreover, silicone rubber is very pure and for this, it is widely used in medical and food applications.
  • SBR rubber: Styrene-butadiene rubber is a commonly used rubber material. It is mainly used for the production of the general-use Rubber Strip that doesn’t require special features.
  • Butyl rubber: This material has low gas and moisture permeability. It is extremely flexible and can resist chemicals, gases, ozone, and weather conditions.

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