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Rubber Stopper & Rubber Plugs

  • Material: BIIR, NBR, EPDM, Silicone, Neoprene, FKM, etc., Custom service available! We can customize material according to your requirements.
  • Colors: Black, White Or according to the Pantone NO#.
  • Hardness: 20-85 Shore A
  • Temperature Range: -70℃(-94℉) to 800℃(1472℉), Different material has different temperature range.

Rubber stopper is a small accessory used in various holes for sealing, isolation and protection. It has a variety of applications, for example, silicone plugs are commonly used in medical and cosmetic industries as silicone is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, suitable for human contact. Due to its excellent physical properties, rubber plugs are more used in automobiles, machinery, electronics industries. Rubber plugs to fill holes could protect anything in the holes and work as a sealing parts. 

We have more than 3,000 kinds of rubber hole plugs to meet your needs. Please check our rubber stopper sizes. If you cannot found the suitable one, we can provide you with customized services of color, material and size. Contact us for details!

Materials You Can Choose

  • NBR stopper: suitable for oily environments, such as automobiles and machinery. NBR has excellent oil resistance.
  • EPDM stopper: is the best material for outdoor plugs use. Anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, tear and weather resistance are much better than plastic plugs.
  • Silicone plug: food grade silicone material, which can directly contact food and skin. Compared with rubber plugs with hole, silicone plugs can be made translucent and bright colors.
  • BIIR stopper: In the medical industry, it is often used for medical bottles with good sealing. Not easy to react with drugs.
  • FKM stopper: used in environments with corrosive liquids with weak acids and bases.

Order Process Of Rubber Stoppers

Step1. Please email us or submit a form to tell us about Plugs Sizes and any special requirements you need. Such as oil-resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, etc.
Step2. We will provide samples of rubber plugs for you to test according to your requirements.
Step3. After the sample is confirmed, we will mass produce according to the quality standard of the sample, which takes about 5-10 days.
Step4. Send the goods to your address via DHL, UPS and FedEx or by sea.

Need any quotation? Cannot found your size? Customized service needed?

ETOL can recommend the most suitable products for you according to your requirements. We ensure the consistent quality, best price, and on-time delivery. Contact us for more information!

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