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Red rubber vacuum tubing

Natural rubber is one of the strongest, most versatile substances in the world. The make-up of this resilient material makes it highly useful for various sectors such as car tires, packaging for food items, gaskets for machinery components, dental devices, vacuum tubes etc. Rubber is an elastic and resilient material that’s resistant to abrasion and an array of other things. Its friction resistance and elasticity make it suitable for consumer products such as tires, gloves, hoses, cables and gaskets, and of course, vacuum tubing. Rubber vacuum tubing is usually flexible, and it has a rubber or plastic inlet/outlet connection ring and a rubber interior tube that provide reliable suction. There are several types of rubber vacuum tubing, including red rubber vacuum tubing, which have specific applications and can be applied to specific vacuum cleaners. Rubber vacuum tubing has been the mainstay of all vacuum cleaners from the day they were invented.

Out of all the parts of a vacuum cleaner, the red rubber vacuum tubing is the one that’s most unlikely to break. As we have already said, rubber is plentiful, durable, elastic and non-abrasive. The properties of natural rubber mean that it enjoys a wide range of uses, from common, everyday uses to performance and industrial applications. The creation of artificial rubber goes back many centuries, but the world’s daily demands have led to the development of more advanced synthetic rubbers, some of which are used to create red rubber vacuum tubing you use in your everyday life. As for the tubes themselves, they can come in a variety of shapes, textures, lengths, and so on. Some are ribbed, some are flat – but what all of them are very durable. Once you upgrade your vacuum with red rubber vacuum tubing, you will be set for years to come. In fact, the tube will probably outlive the vacuum.

Our Products

  • Material: EPDM/NR/SBR/Silicone/FKM/NBR/CR
  • Hardness: 30-90 Shore A
  • Temperature Rang: -70℃ to 220℃, we can customize products with a temperature resistance of more than 300℃.
  • Colors: Black,White Or according to the Pantone NO#.
  • Custom service available, we can offer special plugs according to your requirements.

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