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Rubber stopper for furniture

In order to protect your furniture, movables, and floor, a rubber stopper for furniture can be used. Such stoppers are easily attachable at the end of the legs of furniture to avoid harsh contact. Rubber stoppers work on furniture made of any material such as wood, metal, plastic, or carbon fiber. To add to that, not only does a rubber stopper suit furniture, but it is also appropriate for floor protection. Regardless of what your floor is made of — hardwood, tiles, vinyl, or laminate coverings, a rubber stopper can be effectively used to safeguard the flooring from scratches. Rubber stoppers for furniture can be of multiple varieties, and each array serves a different purpose. The chair leg stoppers are designed explicitly for chairs. The table leg stoppers are specifically designed for tables and so on.

Another type of rubber stopper for furniture is a rubber pad. Rubber pads are generally self-adhesive, which means they’ll stick onto the floor without using any external adhering agent. They make the furniture kept on surfaces like carpet, tiles, canvas, or other smooth exteriors hard to move and effectively prevent scratching. Additionally, moving or dragging the furniture makes less noise when placed on a rubber stopper pad. In case the furniture items fall or hit the floor abruptly, the rubber stopper pads absorb the damage and prevent flooring blows and deformation.
Basically, Such pads are suitable for any environment such as home, office, workshop, warehouses, etc. They prevent medium-sized machinery or appliances from slipping away if pressure is applied from the side.

Aside from the various functionalities provided by rubber stoppers for furniture, such as being a furniture and floor protectant, noise reducer, and imparting scratch resistance to flooring, these stoppers are also pretty easy to install. If the correct size is used, they’re doubtful to fall off and would remain mounted on the feet of your furniture without glue or nails for a long time!

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rubber stopper for furniture
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All dimensions are in mm​

Part No.ABCDMaterialColor
Part No.ABCMaterialColor
  • Hardness: 60 Shore A
  • Temperature Rang: -20℃ to120℃.
  • Colors: Black/white/transparent/different colors can also be customized according to customer requirements
  • How to use: Place the products on the table and chair feet directly without any glue bonding.
  • USAGE: Installed on the feet of tables and chairs to prevent scratching the floor, reducing the noise generated when the chair moves, and acting the good anti-slip performance.
  • Custom service available, we can offer you special products according to your requirements.

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