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Silicone stopper manufacturer

We are a silicone stopper manufacturer that produces silicone stoppers in a wide range of sizes intended for a wide range of applications. Our silicone stoppers are made using high-quality materials that ensure clients get the most value for their money. As a silicone stopper manufacturer, the combination of materials we use to make these components give clients a more durable, more flexible, and more versatile product. You can use our silicone stoppers for a wide range of applications including sealing bottles, test tubes, and similar glassware. Since silicone is a flexible material, clients can use our stoppers around the house or for manufacturing needs. 

Being a silicone stopper manufacturer, our primary role is to create value for our clients. Thus, we make sure that our stoppers meet the needs of our clients. We do that by offering clients options. We make stoppers in all sizes to accommodate the needs of our clients. Simply go to our website and look for a size chart that will help you determine the right stopper for the job. 

Another of our goals as a silicone stopper manufacturer is to give clients a product that works. With our silicone stoppers, you can rest assured knowing that the component won’t get damaged or break down under specific circumstances. Since we make our stoppers using high-quality silicone, clients are getting an additional set of benefits. Silicone is excellent as a sealant and for making sure liquids don’t escape glass containers. Silicone is also chemical-proof. This gives our stoppers more versatility since clients can use them for a wide range of applications. 

You can look at our silicone stopper size chart to know more about the sizes we make our stoppers. Our website is also a useful tool when determining the right type of stopper for your needs. So feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

Our Products

  • Material: EPDM/NR/SBR/Silicone/FKM/NBR/CR
  • Hardness: 30-90 Shore A
  • Temperature Rang: -70℃ to 220℃, we can customize products with a temperature resistance of more than 300℃.
  • Colors: Black,White Or according to the Pantone NO#.
  • Custom service available, we can offer special plugs according to your requirements.

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We also provide customized services, and can make various non-standard silicone rubber parts according to your drawings or samples.
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