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Stopper chemistry

We all know how delicate and sensitive the chemical industry is. During the experiments, chemists use various elements, techniques, substances and additives to make their work simpler and, above all, safer. The supplements you can find in every lab are stoppers. Depending on the type of experiment, you can choose the ideal stopper for you.

Stopper chemistry is a very important aid when performing laboratory experiments. Use stoppers to prevent fluids and substances from leaking out of the test tube. Their main role is to protect the contents of the test tubes, prevent them from spilling, as well as change the contents during contact with air or external influences. In addition to their protective role, they also help a lot in easier mixing of substances and transfer from one test tube to another. They can also be used to hold sharp and sensitive tools in the laboratory such as needles. Their use is very wide and therefore the need for them is even greater.

Stopper chemistry materials can be varied. From cork to rubber, these plugs perform their function efficiently. The material of these plugs also depends on the type of test you perform. If it is a wine or food test, the use of a cork stopper is more common, but if it is a pharmaceutical experiment, rubber stoppers will be a much better choice for you. In both cases, they have a cyclic shape and are made to spread from the end to the very top. In this way they can meet many challenges and cover multiple openings of different shapes. Their size varies so you don’t have to worry about the dimension. For aesthetic reasons, they can also be found in different colors to help you with the selection of certain substances.

Stopper chemistry may contain holes as well. Stoppers without plugs will be predominantly used with a chemical that doesn’t create pressure in a closed container or test tube. However, in the case of more aggressive chemicals, our advice is to take a stopper with one or more holes to eliminate the possibility of gas formation in the bottle.

Our Products

  • Material: EPDM/NR/SBR/Silicone/FKM/NBR/CR
  • Hardness: 30-90 Shore A
  • Temperature Rang: -70℃ to 220℃, we can customize products with a temperature resistance of more than 300℃.
  • Colors: Black,White Or according to the Pantone NO#.
  • Custom service available, we can offer special plugs according to your requirements.

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