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Test Tube Stoppers

As their name suggests, test tube stoppers are used to seal different types of test tubes and to keep the content intact until they are removed. They are used in numerous industries, while modern chemical and medical ventures could not function the way they are if there were not for test tube stoppers. Depending on the need, some test tube stoppers are crafted with a few permeable holes, so that the gasses might pass through the lid without breaking the container. As for the material, they can be crafted from different variations, depending on their purpose. Surely, hard rubber and cork are two of the most used materials in their productions, but other solutions are available to meet the wants and needs of the end-user. Considering how easy they are to use, the protection they offer is unparalleled by any other product, so it is the price of their production, no matter what material is being used. Another important feature is the size of test tube stoppers since the shape and measurements of a particular model are strictly dictated by the reason of their purpose and the tube that they should seal. Due to the quality and endurable materials that are used in test tube stopper production, you can expect to use them multiple times, and the chances that you will lose them by inadequate care are higher than they will break on their own. Besides in the laboratory which is considered to be a place where test tube stoppers are used most frequently, you can even use them in your kitchen to keep spices and other ingredients fresh for longer. It is important to mention that these gadgets have been in the use for quite some time now, and they have no alternative when sealing is in question. 

Our Products

  • Material: EPDM/NR/SBR/Silicone/FKM/NBR/CR
  • Hardness: 30-90 Shore A
  • Temperature Rang: -70℃ to 220℃, we can customize products with a temperature resistance of more than 300℃.
  • Colors: Black,White Or according to the Pantone NO#.
  • Custom service available, we can offer special plugs according to your requirements.

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