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Cylindrical Rubber Feet

  • Material: EPDM/NR/SBR/CR/NBR/Silicone,etc.
    Material does not contain recycled rubber, environmental protection, no odor, and meets Rosh standards
  • Hardness: 25-90 Shore A
  • Temperature Rang: -20℃ to 180℃.
  • Colors: Black,White Or according to the Pantone NO#.
  • Bumpers can be embedded with metal gaskets. Custom service available, we can offer you Cylindrical Rubber Feet to your requirements.

All dimensions are in mm​

Part No.ODHBMaterialColor
R BC3001126.52EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3002 126.52EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3003 1562EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3004 1562EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3005 18.7172EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3006 20106EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3007 20108EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3008 202010EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3009 202010EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3010 20108EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3011 25108EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3012 251010EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3013 25108EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3014 30810EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3015 301510EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3016 303010EPDM/NR/SiliconeBlack/White/Gray
R BC3017 30810EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3018 303010EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3019 301510EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3020 30510EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3021 401012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3022 402012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3023 401012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3024 402012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3025 501012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3026 502012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3027 503012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3028 501012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3029 503012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3030 502012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3031 601012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3032 602012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3033 603012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3034 601012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3035 602012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3036 603012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3037 701012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3038 702012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3039 703012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3040 701012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3041 703012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3042 702012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3043 801012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3044 802012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3045 803012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3046 801012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3047 802012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3048 803012EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3049 903015EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3050 1003015EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3051 1003015EPDM/NRBlack
R BC3052 1203015EPDM/NRBlack

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